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Ruxandra Serban


Romanian actor Rareș Abraham is currently in postproduction with his debut feature Friday the 3rd / Vineri 3, which he also wrote, produced and shot in Cluj-Napoca from 15 to 27 February 2021.

Three stories happening in one city. One late afternoon a man is driving home in his car while speaking on the phone with his friends. One middle class apartment and a man watching a football game, while his wife comes home from work. One fancy restaurant’s toilet where two colleagues randomly meet, trying to catch up on their bind. The problematics of marital relations unites the three stories only to reveal the characters’ most profound secrets, fears and desires.

The three distinct stories were written by Rareș Abraham, Andrada Popan Dorca and Alexandru Unguru.

The cast includes: Rareș Abraham, Maria Obertin, Alin Panc, Dorian Boguță, Cosmin Seleși, Radu Micu, Adrian Cucu, Luchian Pantea, Ioana Abur and Alexandru Unguru.

This 100% Romanian coproduction is produced by Rareș Abraham through its Cluj-based company 23FILM and Alin Panc & Alexandru Pop through Papa Pictures, in coproduction with Ruxandra Șerban from ERKA Agency.

“The story takes place in Cluj-Napoca and the film was produced and shot in Cluj-Napoca, as the very starting point of the company 23FILM is to produce films outside Bucharest and especially in Transilvania”, Rareș Abraham told FNE.

The total budget is 57,000 EUR, Rareș Abraham told FNE. The project received 8,000 EUR from SEE Cinema.

Viorel Sergovici, who worked with Cristi Puiu for Aurora (2010, produced by Mandragora, in coproduction with France’s Société Parisienne de Production, Switzerland’s Bord Cadre Films and Germany’s Essential Filmproduktion GmbH.), is lensing.

The film was shot in only 12 days under the COVID-19 pandemic restrictions, and it is expected to be finished in the autumn of 2021. The national premiere will be decided according to the selections for festivals.

Production Information:

23FILM (Romania)
Papa Pictures (Romania)

ERKA Agency (Romania)

Director: Rareș Abraham
Scriptwriters: Rareș Abraham, Andrada Popan Dorca, Alexandru Unguru
Dop: Viorel Sergovici
Cast: Rareș Abraham, Maria Obertin, Alin Panc, Dorian Boguță, Cosmin Seleși, Radu Micu, Adrian Cucu, Luchian Pantea, Ioana Abur, Alexandru Unguru